Taking the rural backroads of Manitoba, BB enjoyed the excessive scenery and lack of population that Canada is famous for. When he entered into Winnipeg in the early evening, he had reserved a hotel room at the swank Fort Garry Hotel which adjoined the Union Station where he would board the train for Churchill tomorrow evening. Checking in, Calvin was given a room and used his pass card to enter. Low and behold, there was a couple already in the room who had the same startled look as Mr. Bunsen. As everyone examined the cards and room number on the door, it was evident that the downstairs desk had made a mistake. To rectify this embarrassing situation, the hotel put Mr. Bunsen on the top floor in a 5-room luxury suite. BB wandered around his 1500-square-foot room until he found a bed that was just right and retired to sleep in his 40 square foot crypt. Checking out the city and history of Winnipeg the next day, BB was impressed with the largest city in Manitoba on the Red River that likes to flood every other year. Humans and their preoccupation with building in floodplains, shows their solidarity with another living member on the same branch of the tree of life: FISH. Boarding at 7PM, BB was directed to his 40 square feet sleeping berth that was well equipped with a bed, toilet, closet, and shower. Taking 1/2 of that square footage is the same size of a coffin. Heading northwest to go northeast confused BB until he learned decades ago someone drew an imaginary line through the middle of Manitoba that said no railroad tracks could cross it. This dictated that those people on that train had to go west all the way to Saskatchewan to go around that line. It was all about rich people who owned the shipping ports on the Great Lakes who didn’t want any competition from a shipping port on the Hudson Bay because it is closer to European markets. Politics in Canada are as fucked up as they are in the US. Wealth controls governments, except in China. 

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