Standing in the center of the International Peace Garden, 1 can’t help but notice that the American government gave the standing forest a haircut at the 49th Parallel. With the land cleared on the south side of the border for agriculture, the north side that includes the Turtle Mountains, needed to be sheared to show its citizens just where that border is, so out came the chain saws. Exiting the park now required Calvin Bunsen to pass through Canadian customs. Armed with a current passport, driver’s license, and proper insurance papers, he was immediately directed over to the investigation lane.  Anyone that goes to Canada alone is not on company business, or has no family members living there, must be a terrorist or drug runner. As 2 of Canada’s finest started asking questions that were answered truthfully, he was then asked (demanded) to leave his vehicle and go sit on a picnic table while they searched the truck. With nothing to hide, BB obliged, and they removed his luggage. Going through Calvin’s personal possessions, the 2 guards were thorough yet honest. They could have easily planted contraband in his vehicle but did not. When explaining his mission to get to Churchill and showing them his tickets and itinerary, the guards were not interested; this man has to be a drug runner. As he sat and watched from 30′ away, 1 guard dropped the tailgate. That was it. He heard some product moving around inside. Out came the flashlights, out came the drug dog, and it looked like the Canadian Mounties were going to get their man. Calvin started laughing as the guard moved the tailgate up and down to produce that same audible sound. “DUDE! It’s just pea gravel,” was Calvin’s response.  Using that truck 1 week ago, pea gravel had gotten into the interior of the tailgate and the Border Boys thought they had Pablo Escobar. Not wanting to admit a mistake, the Border Boys harassed BB for another hour before finally letting him into their friendly country.  

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