Remembering the reason he came up to Churchill in the first place, it was all about the rocket launching facility east of town. For now, this historic town drew in Calvin Bunsen’s interest like penny candy to a sugar junkie. It is home to an old historic fort that protected the harbor and served as a shipping port from the 1720s for the Hudson Bay Co.’s beaver pelts and the whaling industry. In the 1930’s, it was all about grain shipments to Europe, and during WW2, it became a war machinery launching point built with US funds. During the Cold War in the 50’s, a huge runway was built to accept B-52s and their hydrogen bomb payloads. The current status of the town is now tourism as people pay to see polar bears waiting to transition from land-based predators to ice-walking seal killers. BB had come to see that rocket base but today it was all about walking the black fly infested town to see the sights. He stumbled upon parked Tundra Buggies: reinforced buses that take high paying tourists up close and personal with polar bear encounters. Their peak season is Sept. thru November. As tourists come from all over the world to see this, BB knows the dark side of humans and how they would pay extra to throw out the annoying rich bitch on the bus and film the bear’s deed of devouring this uppity meal. Although no one will admit this, it is buried deep under their Friendly, Fairweather Facades. As the day wore on, and BB cruised around much of the town, he signed up for a helicopter excursion over the interesting eastern terrain for tomorrow morning. So off he went to eat, read, and finally fall asleep after midnight when it became totally dark and the stories of roving polar bears looking for wandering tourists popped in their heads. It is a rumor that locking your car doors in Churchill is illegal. There is no such law. It is common sense to keep the doors unlocked in case there is a polar bear nearby, unless the person had sex with your wife. Click! Hehe! 

To be continued…….. 

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