The modern world needs to be redundant, so multiple solutions must be made available. In the event of a major catastrophe, the media slime will ooze out all the gory statistics of how many are dead, the precise quantity (their data) of the maimed, and an overall estimate of the number of injured, including the news lady who broke a nail. Broadcasting these statistics to the mindless masses at 6PM, the horror of the natural disaster is now front-page news and vending machine gossip. The babbling politicians jump on the disaster like a surfer on a board and ride all the hype to notoriety. The mayor orders out more policemen, the Governor jumps in a $6 million helicopter and declares a state of emergency, the Senate rushes into a session and gets FEMA funds flowing and the President asks the country for their prayers. Really? Every civilization has a Deity that controls all the forces of nature and when this individual unleashes a category 5 tornado that wipes out hundreds of people, we must then ask for THEIR help in the form of prayers. It’s too late then. The damage is done. Had there been a clearinghouse of prayers stockpiled to the hilt, then this tragedy would have never occurred. This is where the Internet comes into play. Set up a site where prayers are donated before any disaster takes place. When people are on a cruise or when coming back from a football game and the party is over, they can pray and send it over to the: GO PRAYER ME site for safe and secure storage to be used BEFORE the disaster occurs. This data center of Devine Prevention could be constantly supplied with prayers, way before they are actually needed. By filling the hard drives with accumulated prayers, this reserve could be raided by the Gods just as they are starting to get perturbed and head off any violence aimed at the frail humans. Children and pets would not have to be pulled out of the wreckage of some natural atrocity just because the prayer well was empty. Stockpile! 

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