As Calvin awoke on his final day in Churchill, he was not looking forward to the 2-day return on the train back to Winnipeg. He survived that journey with the click…click sound going off in his head. With a 6PM departure at the rail station, BB started making some phone calls. It seems there was a $750 flight back to Winnipeg that left at 7:30PM and arrived at 9:30PM. Two hours vs 2 days. That was a no brainer, so he bought the ticket and spent the rest of the day packing, reading, and getting his hotel shuttle back to the train station with a cab to take him to the airport. He could have gone directly to the airport but had 1 more goal to accomplish. Arriving at 5PM, he went looking for Mildred and Mary and located them. Seeing as how he had paid for a sleeping berth on the train and wasn’t going to use it, he gave it to them so they wouldn’t have to sleep on rock hard coach seats. Anyone who traveled as far as those 2 females did, just to honor a dead relative, deserved it. Landing in Winnipeg, he took the hotel shuttle to get his truck next to his Fort Garry Hotel. Before entering his room, he knocked. The next morning, with 2 free days to explore, he headed northwest to see some points of interest that he had read about. Riding Mountain Park in southwestern Manitoba was 1. Situated in the N-S escarpment line of the Providence, the elevations rise 2,000 ft going west. From the observation tower within the park, you could see forever. Up there alone, BB looked down to see 3 inebriated young Canooks heading up the stairs. Seeing a late middle-aged man at the top, the 3 picked up their pace getting up there. The short 1 with the Napoleon complex was carrying a gas can. BB pictured these 3 dousing him with gas and throwing him off the 100′ tower in flames. When they approached, BB decided he would take the short 1 with him. When they offered him some whiskey that was in the gas can, they became fast friends. High octane it was. Smart Canadians. 

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