BB left Manitoba and its vast array of mines and miners that bored into the Canadian Shield to extract raw materials, so the city folk can own flashy crap. Hydro dams and linemen that string power back to civilization, so people can recharge their phones and keep up with the latest, useless gossip. Trees and lumberjacks that plow through forests to extract timber for man caves and she sheds to attain isolation and prevent spousal homicides. These attributes and more are all part of the vision of man and his quest to become masters of the environment. So far, so bad. Luckily, nature is huge and very patient as she allows the little ants (who?-mans) to crawl all over her picnic basket. However, she will someday get off her keister and trash the destructive pests into oblivion. She’s done it before, and she’ll do it again. Meanwhile, Calvin Bunsen has taken his global warming wagon and has driven off into the sunrise. Typical foolish behavior. On his way through Ontario, the boreal forest has been forced south by the cold salt waters of the Hudson and James Bays while the warmer temperatures have allowed the trees to grow much bigger. Exposed sections of the granite capstone have added interesting colors and created seals in the earth for pristine lakes to bespectacle the surface. Before you kick the 55-gallon drum, do get out and enjoy the fantastic scenery that Canada has to offer. Although the roads are limited, its magnificence is not. Cast your face to your whims and just go, the options are endless. See nature the way it was intended: wild and scenic. Do hurry before your fellow man jacks up the thermostat and floods billions of people, who will soon be crawling into your space.  BB drove past the Lake of the Woods and got a room for the night in Kenora. In the morning the 10-story tower was a slimy mess as some large, winged insects on a breeding run mistook the flashing lights of hundreds of TVs as a mating signal. Nature’s cuming. RUN FAST! 

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