Upon landing, BB, like a flying junkie, wanted more. He approached the female dispatcher for the helicopter rental service and asked about a personal ride to go and search for Caribou. She said the helicopter rents for $1,000/hour, which was too rich for BB’s taste. As he was exiting and was out of earshot of the manager who was working with her in the office, she told him to come back at 1:00PM. Walking over to the Arctic Cafe, Calvin rewarded himself with a steak and egg breakfast. Knowing someday that all that cholesterol was going to give him a heart attack, his reasoning for eating it was that it had nothing to do with today. It would only take away life on the boring and useless end of it. He reasoned that instead of being hooked up to medical milking machines for 5 days, Calvin was going to screw the owners of those medical machines out of 5 days of rental by dying on a Monday instead of a Friday. That breakfast was delicious. BB walked past the Polar Bear Prison where stray polar bears that waddle into town are captured and held until the Hudson Bay ice solidifies and the criminals are released. The steel thickness was impressive and slightly bent. Returning to the heliport at 1, Mr. Benson was escorted by the dispatch lady outside where she told him she can get him a 1-way ride to the Northern Studies Center. This was the current administration building of the former Rocket Launching Facility and would cost him $180 Canadian cash. BB noticed the manager was gone and this was a potential theft of services crime. It seems the helicopter had to go pick up a high ranking individual 80 miles away and she was offering him a ride halfway out there for cash. With larceny in his blood, BB pulled out Canadian cash and promptly handed it over to the woman who gave half to the pilot. Strapped in the front seat, the 2 departed and got permission to fly over the Churchill Airport with its 14,000′ former B-52 runway. That big silly grin returned. 

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