As Calvin walked over to the heliport, a big grin tore at his face. People just love a chopper ride in the morning…. It feels like ecstasy. As the pilot took off with his 3 passengers, he did his standard tourist flight of lifting off, heading north to the beach, and traveling east 500′ above the ground to see clearly below and out ahead. First on the list was the Curtis C-46 plane wreck that occurred in 1979. The crew survived but the plane became a permanent tourist stop on a rocky outcrop. Next stop was the 240′ long MV Ithaca shipwreck that sits on dry land half the time and is surrounded by water when the tide goes up. This 1 ran aground in 1960 in a windstorm and shows the incredible holding power of a well-delivered blow job. Finally, the farthest east the helicopter tour goes is the former Canadian Rocket Launching Facility. From the air, this base shows its age. It also reveals the deceit and deception of the Cold War tactics. This was NOT a full-fledged high-tech rocket scientist hangout. This place was a diversion or ploy to keep the Soviet’s attention directed at trying to figure out what the US military was up to in central Canada. In the meantime, nuclear weapons and technology was going gangbusters in the lower 48. Calvin Bunsen looked at the schedule 80-10″ diameter, 10′ long steel pipes sticking out of the tundra in many locations. Incorporating welded fins to gain some stability on their short, trickery trajectories, they demanded Soviet satellite time to watch. Shame on the US for screwing with the Soviet intelligence. Although not a rocket scientist by any means, BB could recognize an extravagant bottle rocket ruse. So, the mystery of the Great Canadian Rocket Facility was solved. BB was sure there was some scientific studies of the Aurora Borealis that took place, but only to study if they could be used to sabotage radar. Boys will be boys. As the helicopter returned to Churchill, he regretted his ride was ending.  

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