Todd Winter pulled on the island, that is Fort Simpson, and found a motel for a few nights. Exploring the town, he inadvertently triggered the man alarm as he now noticed women in revealing apparel and makeup that weren’t there the day before. The brand new Suburban Tank screamed money, even though it was rented and he came into town alone. What interested Todd more was a private plane rental service that flew people to Nahanni National Park. Securing a half day trip with 2 other Canadians, the plane departed at noon, and the 3 passengers and pilot took off west towards the MacKenzie Mountains. Aboard a Cessna 182 float plane, the pilot skipped into the Nahanni River, just above the falls, and all 4 walked to the rim of the 315′ Virginia Falls. Absolutely impressive. Next, it was back to the plane for an upstream takeoff, a downstream turn, and a flyover the falls, just above the water. Remoteness has its advantages. Flying north into the range, it was off to see an abandoned silver mine with a fortune worth of equipment left there. Heading east as the mountain range dropped back into grade, the pilot swung down into an H-shaped lake. Descending in the canyon between 2- 800′ peaks, the plane landed in the waterway between the lakes. After a 20-minute stop to absorb the visual pleasure, the names of a few celebrities who made this journey in the past were listed, the consensus among these passengers was: FUCK THEM! WE’RE HERE NOW! Flying back to Fort Simpson, the plane landed and the 3 passengers met for dinner to discuss their exploits. On the last night before climbing into the Suburban that was washed by the crew of the Wolverine Air Service, Todd saw all the available women in the restaurant, at once. As scenic as this place is, like life, 1 needs to move on. Early in the morning, he set off for the return ride home. As he left the ferry, his shiny steed was now a gravel-brown color, and Todd was content with his destination that he chose months ago.

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