Due to a small population with a large area, Canada’s roads lie mainly to the south where the people are: so when traveling north, you gotta take the same road home. As Todd drove back, he stopped at points of interest that eluded him going up. After reaching High Level, Alberta, a route to a new destination became evident, so his brain executed this path and southeast he went. Lacking roads through pure remoteness, Todd had to make a V turn to get to his terminus at the cost of 300 kilometers in both directions. The goal was the oil sands of Fort McMurray and Fort Mackay. The distance didn’t matter. This was all virgin highway for him. On the northeast leg of his journey, Todd got behind a car with 4 young ladies in tow. Todd stayed back, and all was calm. When the mileage became 50 kilometers to the southern town, a frenzy of activity took place in that vehicle. Todd watched as hair got ratted, makeup was applied, and perfume was administrated. It seems the kittens were enroute to a Friday night’s check cashing celebration. Todd chuckled. Finding a room for 2 nights, it was time to see what the oil sands were all about. Massive earthmoving was going on in all directions as the soil was pulled back, the sands were stripped of oil, and the topsoil was reinstalled. Siberian larch were planted and everything looked perfect when done. This is going on at all times and in different stages for the next hundred years. Hey Middle East: screw you. The long term damage will never be known, but for now, Canada swims in US oil. The size of the project grows as demands increase and with any loss of liquid in the climate, we may be constructing another Sahara Desert. After 2 days of impressive engineering feats, Todd was out of time and headed back to Edmonton and then home. This trip was informative, fruitful, and enlightening. The world holds more knowledge than those fields hold sand grains. As long as Todd has his bathroom, Atlas, and vigor, the world awaits.
To be continued…….

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