Leaving the northeastern side of the impressive Wrangell Mountains, Vicktor made his way back to Hwy. 1, over to Tok and then to the junction of Hwy. 5 which heads northeast to the land of the birds. First off is the small burg of Chicken which is where gravel cleansing dredges used to ply the rocky streams looking for placer gold. Today, humans who want to brag about their exploits while they pack food and alcohol in their pie holes remain. They are known as tourists. Farther up is the bad ass bird known as Eagle. Sitting on a bend in the Yukon River, these residents are at the end of the road and live it like that. East of Hwy. 5, between the fowlers, is the Top of the World Highway that will take motorists to Dawson City, Yukon. It is so named because it primarily runs a mountain ridge that is above this latitude’s tree line. It’s like being in a helicopter with a set of brakes. You need to experience this road but be forewarned there are complete dickheads at the border crossing. Never give complete assholes a badge of authority, they WILL abuse it. Dropping into Dawson City’s valley is met with a ferry to get you to the other side and a vast selection of watering holes to meet people from all over the world. For the young and good looking, it is fluid fest of genital lubricants during the summer season, which ends up as lifelong memories for the visitors and a brand new $80,000 pickup truck for the tavern owners. The 3 year long (1896-1899), Klondike gold rush created Dawson City and sent a 100,000 people scurrying into the cold streams and creeks feeding the Klondike River. The scarred and stripped waterways are still visible on satellite pictures today. If only gold or silver was discovered in Costa Rica, we could then have a second canal system to rival the Panama Canal. Beyond the path of human waterway destruction, Hwy. 2 moves in a southeasterly direction amid scenic river valleys heading towards V.P.’s ultimate destination: Tungsten. 

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