This episode of: “Humans who can’t sit still,” has our old protagonist, Vicktor Petrov (VP), returning from Russia and flying back to Anchorage, Alaska in the middle of a 2.5-week “walkabout.” Returning with a plane load of hunter/gatherers (collectors of knowledge), he disembarked and was scrutinized by Customs for either being a drug runner or a potential Lee Harvey Oswald. Seeing as how President Dick Chaney was in power in 2005, Customs was willing to supply Vicktor with a 6.5mm Carcano rifle with a scope and send him off to Dallas. Only kidding. As he passed muster without interrogation, Vicktor made his way to the rental car kiosk to pick up a 2005 Chrysler 300 “gangsta car.”  With its chopped look, long hood, 4 doors, and slanted, short trunk area, it reminds people of a 1920’s Prohibition style car that gangsters drove, only with modern styling. This is all they had. VP didn’t like the low ground clearance on Alaska’s back roads, but you work with what you have. So north he went. Turning right on Highway 1, he made some branches off the main highway and stopped at Lake Louise Lodge. Scenic. Next was the HAARP installation near Gakona, built in 1993. A cloak of mystery surrounded this facility. It was thought to study the Northern Lights but was rumored to control the world’s weather. Years earlier, a random stop in a Salt Lake City library had revealed an article about the project’s true purpose: to dissipate the EMP pulse of an atmospheric launched nuclear weapon. Being at the end of the Cold War, this made the most sense. Governments lie, and scientists and engineers feed the rumor generator to embellish their boring, mundane jobs. Truth: is an abstract idea that got lost in a world of paranoia and greed. After this military excess, it was off the highway again to Slana on Nabesna Road and 45 miles down to an old gold mine. Looking for another McCarthy and Kennecott, Alaska that stunned the senses 20 years earlier, VP was mildly disappointed. 

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