All gassed up and westbound on the Alaskan Hwy., VP made Whitehorse, Yukon by nightfall. As long as he’s near, Vicktor jumped down the highway into Skagway and bought a ticket to the White Pass train that took Klondike gold seekers over the watershed and into the Yukon River system. On an old train loaded with tourists from the cruise ships docked in Skagway, he met Alex and Barb from Phoenix. Telling stories of their last weeks’ adventures, the train stopped at the top. As there was no loop to turn around, the train merely backed down the slope, but flipped the seats in order to avoid motion sickness. Sitting on the aisle, VP stood up and proceeded to push energetically on the seat that offered some resistance. After 5 attempts he heard Alex hollering, “dude! That’s my old lady’s ass you’re pushing on!” Looking towards the window, he saw the seat had hooked under her buttocks and with every push her ass raised in the air. VP apologized but broke into laughter. The ride down was awkward. Moving up the final leg of the Alcan and just before the crossing back into Alaska again, Kluane Lake and its turquoise blue water of glacier flour was always a welcome site. Vicktor walked out thigh-deep in the frigid water just to get a fantastic Kodak moment. The trip finished its last 2 days with the gangsta’ 300 getting its grille wiped out in a restaurant parking lot by an errant driver backing up a trailer. The most imperfect way to end a perfect adventure of 2.5-week tour of scenery in 3 separate countries. Well, at least no one got hurt or died in that low-speed collision. VP was out an additional grand for the loss of use to the rental vehicle but carried with him priceless memories in that old bank vault mounted on top of his shoulders. Returning to Anchorage the next day with the vehicle, it was fitting that the car, which had an additional 3,000 miles on it, show a few scars. VP jokingly told the attendant that he had a shootout with the border guards. 

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