Books and movies have brought to us an assassin who utilizes stealth, intelligence, and cunning to remove unwanted humans from people’s lives. These astute killers are sought after on dark internet sites or word of mouth connections in the underworld. One often wonders if these professional killers belong to unions, like other specialty trades. Similar to legal tradesmen-like tile setters, their sniper skill set fails them as they grow older, and 1 would hope that they’d have a pension to fall back on in old age. Homeless Hit Men living under bridges would make for interesting storytellers. These hired killers could be consultants to crime writing novelists to ensure gore and accuracy within their writing craft. Although it appears that this breed of deadly demisers is everywhere and only a phone call away, quite the opposite is true. With cheating spouses, bad real estate deals, and failing businesses that steal honest people’s money, common sense would dictate that demand would drive supply and communities would have many competing assassins. They would bid on contracts to take out the human monkey wrench that is mucking up the machinery. Well hang on, you overlooked something. This trade was modernized in the 1750’s and took off like crazy during the industrial age. Totally undercover in outward appearances, these heart lancers will take out your former loved ones like rancid garbage in hot kitchens. You do NOT call them. A 3rd party will find you and use legally protected means to exchange monetary compensation for their subtle work. These hit men run under the radar, not as gun blazing, high speed chase, car rammers, but rather subtle sneaks where their victims are brought to them for the killing process. Their names have titles, and their method of life ending is surgery. While in a closed room surrounded by hospital garbed accomplishes, the most expensive hit man money can buy, snuffs out your hated cheater with a few twists of the cold surgical knife. 

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