The continent of South America is only half right in its name as this huge Craton sailing beneath North America is indeed south but is also quite a bit east. The correction was never made due to the stigma of the turmoil in Southeast Asia in the 60’s and 70’s. Americans did not want to see a Southeast America, lest it bring up the festering wounds of Vietnam. Incorporated into the 4th largest continent is 12 independent countries and a pair of dependents, however, this micro tale is not about that southern craton but rather about the journey of Henry Roe and his voyage through the string bean of South America, known as Chile. Henry departed on a Dallas, Texas flight to Santiago, Chile. Being a micro tale, no information about his physical flaws, personality defects, or his abhorrent behavior is available. Henry has thoroughly perfected all his faults and, through the knowledge of sonder, has recognized that all humans are just individual performers at a giant, unscripted film festival. As Henry’s debarkation from the plane was complete, off he went into a strange, new environment and was delivered to his hotel in Santiago, Chile. Without a car and only 2 days in the Capitol, Mr. Roe elected to move around via the world’s oldest method of propulsion. He walked. Henry enjoyed the street performers who wowed their audience with acrobatics, magic, and music. The aerosaltants who took the show were the troupe that threw their 3rd man up to the horizontal bar of the traffic light support whereas he fidgeted up there comically. Just before the light turned green, he would spin around like a gymnast on a high bar and dismount into the arms of his companions. Honking horns and a few Chilean pesos were their reward. Henry stumbled into the City Market that housed merchants and swindlers at an open mall area. Looking at 10 acres of useless, flashy junk, Henry now grasped why everyone’s house is cluttered with useless shit. Women have descended from ancient pack rats and magpies. 

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