Certain American States paint a picture of underlying graft, corruption, and membership in an exclusive club known as: THE GOOD-OLE BOYS (GOB). There are subtle indicators that show the existence of the machinery of such organizations. One example of hidden agendas are freeway signs. Dictated by Federal specifications, mile markers are placed on the freeway’s edge so motorists can gauge where they are on the interstate system. It also aids in locating an accident for emergency crews. The standard is: every mile on both sides of the freeway. Driving through a GOB State, one notices that these signs are every 2 tenths of a mile, which demands 8 more signs for both sides. This waste of taxpayer money also jeopardizes drivers who lose control of their vehicle, for now they have a potential to hit 8 times more signs. You can just see a backdoor deal being made to a contractor. That approving politician is going to expect a kickback for his re-election by voting in the contract for procuring, installing, and maintaining all that additional fluff. Another example are bridges. Instead of simply conveying traffic over various obstacles, they have become very expensive sculptures. With wrought iron adornments and precast pictures, how much artwork is required to entertain truckers and tourists on their journeys. Let the billboard contractors amuse the masses without the taxpayer getting involved. The politicians who push for these excesses see it as a memorial to their greatness and do it all with a smile and their greedy paws in a GOB’s spreadsheet. Disgruntled taxpayers bitch as they see extravagant homes owned by highway contractors who always seem to win the big contracts. This is a license to steal and has been around since humans invented money. What the people are really bitching about is the fact that they themselves do not have their fingers in the pie; for if they did, they too would be massaging the gonads of the lawmakers that made the USA great. 

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