There are financial institutions that enjoy the company of industrious, hardworking individuals who require their services of using other people’s money so that they can loan it to you at a profit. This clearinghouse of debt incentivizes your savings at a paltry interest rate to loan to others at a larger percentage. The beauty is that only 10% of these sums need to be on hand and with the lobbyist’s help, even less is required. It is a pyramid scheme that makes the Great Pyramid of Giza look like a tiny paperweight. Adding to this complex financial game, the Greedites were not content, so they installed mini vaults in their giant vault so as to give the illusion that your secret stash is safe. The whole concept of this is to prevent the customer’s secret savings from being stolen by their family members and thus puts the fox in charge of the henhouse. Besides renting the “secure” boxes and recouping the initial installation fee, both banks and governments want to know what’s in there. So, tactics, such as hidden cameras are employed to ascertain the value. This way the banks can use these invisible assets to loan even more money, while the safety deposit box renters think that they maintain confidentiality. HA! The trio of crooks include the box renter who is trying to hide something unreportable, the bank who is loaning out unbackable ghost money and the institution of government who is there to scare the other 2 parties into trying to hold runaway greed into a collectable siphoning system known as taxes. They allow a certain amount of graft to take place so as to keep the whole system in balance and permit the bottom feeders (blue collar workers) to grab a small piece of the worm of which they will tax. So, Safety Deposit Box holders: continue stuffing monetary value items in your vaults and go to sleep thinking that you are the sole key holders of that box and your unclaimed income is safe. When you die, your friendly banker will help himself. 

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