Nature’s problem-solving ability is both legendary and simplistically complex. The female vagina is a case in point. This conduit between the entrance that is hidden from view by 2 sets of velvety tissue (labia) and the business end (cervix) had a daunting chore: easily accept any size male sex member (penis). From 2″ long to foot long plus variants, this tunnel of love was engineered to transport many versions of the sperm delivery truck that closely resembles the Oscar Meyer Weiner Wagon. The differences are: there are no tires on the human version and it goes forward as many times as it goes backwards. The difficulty of the variable sausage wrapper was solved with the development of the rugae. Rugae are a series of ridges produced by folding the wall of an organ. The stomach interior contains such growths and aid in containing all the food eaten during a meal. The vagina utilizes this same design because it has proven itself as an efficient garage for housing different visitors. When the rugae principle was transferred to the downstairs lunchbox that is responsible for male pleasure and reproduction, it turned out to be the perfect fit for all. With the rugae installed, the vagina can distend to accept any size human penis and the unfolded ridges can aid in nerve stimulation to activate the sperm discharging system. Life is all about reproduction, but humans have built an entire industry on this biological function, known as sex. When teenagers surveyed each other’s bodies, the male first explored this female cavity with his fingers. Digging around in there for the first time, past experiences were needed to describe this virgin territory. Promiscuous males, that were of the puberty years in 1965, had a food that was just introduced that they could now relate to. Aware individuals surmised that these rugae were larger, 98.6°F versions of the new meal called SpaghettiOs. With a similar texture, young boys found a new pastime. OH! OH! SPAGHETTIOS!!

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