Born with their eyes closed and a shaky head bob, they crawl towards mama’s teats. These little cuties will soon steal your heart. Puppies arouse your curiosity when you watch from a distance, as they strive for position when the dinner bell rings. Having 8 restaurants to choose from, these little tykes learn quickly which buffet churns out the most sauce for the suck. But Momma may suddenly get an urge to move somewhere else and the gang hangs on for dear life. Watching a dinky dog dangling from a tit for a 4′ road trip is absolutely hilarious. The mini-mutts are on a mission: to double their weight every week. After 10-14 days, their eyelids become unglued. Soon, those dark eyes cast a spell on your poor soul, and you are now in love with a furry, 4-legged, snub-nose barker. With 3 weeks of growth behind them, they now stand and stare. After 4 weeks, they start moving forward and climbing. This transition period from a drunken style of staggering to walking is 1/12 the time that a human baby can accomplish this. Puppies are designed for potential parents who have very little patience. After 8 weeks, they are ready for adoption. As hard as it is to say goodbye to the Pygmy Pirates who will walk off with anything they can fit in their mouths, your job is to spread the wealth and allow everyone a slice of puppy love. As the little hairy hounds start disappearing after much scrutiny, only 1 is left. With mama on the mend, the house becomes quieter, and the last puppy is left behind because of a personality tick or a hair blotch that doesn’t meet designer standards. You are now left with a depressing dilemma: take it to the pound or… keep it. You already know the damage a young dog can cause by your experiences with your previous pets. However, where in life can you find a creature who will give you unconditional love? Certainly not in a spouse: they live too long and pretty much hate you after 2 decades. So… Rover’s staying. He adores you without any reason. 

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