Integrity, by definition, is: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. These qualities are what employers sought in company personnel leaders. They strove for exceptional performance without gouging, or raping, the firm’s staff or their customers. When such an individual was hired and proved himself, great effort was made to retain this sterling soul. As sound and responsible businesses exited the 20th century and entered the 21st, new expectations grew out of the aging Baby Boomers and their X Generation’s replacements. No longer was integrity a desirable trait but, rather, a restraint in the profit department. This quality needed an overhaul and the wheels of greed spooled up as a new behavior was being engineered: EXO-TEGRITY. This neo term represents a determined goal towards maximum returns for owners and their shareholders. No longer are customer relationships considered sacred. Globalization has created a vast supply of nearly unlimited buyers, so greed is now the fresh chauffer that will make the upper echelons wealthy in years instead of decades. These new knights of the commerce army have personalities that create the illusion of civility, but with a submerged directive to abscond with as much profit that is inhumanly possible. These new marauders of deceit, disguise, and lies pepper the sales and board rooms of the world. Their tactics are soon recognized by the employees of the firms who now figure it’s OK to assemble substandard products and do single and inflated sales to a planet full of suckers. These purveyors of immoral actions work just outside of what is completely criminal and have adapted the moniker of EXO-TEGRITY to broadcast their skill sets. Any up-and-coming executives with these heartless traits can and will jump over to the public sector. The politicians with the correct contacts have purchased voting machines with secretly programmable tabulations to ensure that more of their kind win in their districts. 

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