Character #2 occasionally answered to the name of Sherman Daniels, but similar to a cat, the reward had to be big enough for him to respond. After high school, Sherman shunned the military, not by having a high draft number, but because of a 1-day encounter with the Civil Air Patrol in his mid-teens. It seems that Sherman also had an interest in flying and joining the C.A.P. would sponsor a poor, white boy for some of the cost. Day 1 was a friendly encounter with the avid members of the group and an introduction to their Cessna 172 plane. Sherman was grinning from within his slightly defective body, but he was going to learn how to fly. At the second meeting he was introduced to a 2-faced, power freak who wore a beret and military boots. Somehow, that nice guy from 1 week ago put on his prick uniform and began to march his new recruits around the hanger. Screaming orders and belittling any flaw present in every individual, this SOB took the desire of flying and dashed it into the wall. Discipline is understood by any kid who grew up with the BELT, but what the fuck does marching around on a concrete floor have to do with learning how to fly. Sherman quit and directed his attention to a career in construction. After numerous factory jobs that put gas in his car and beer in his belly, his carpentry apprenticeship surfaced. Being yelled at by masters of their trade did not phase Sherman. He saw his mistakes and learned quickly. Night school and learning other trades to improve his own, kept Sherman employed. Marriage and kids were shelved as fun filled his youth. Interest in the world and how it worked sent Sherman on many road trips around North America and his skills kept money in his pockets. A winter sabbatical from his home state’s nasty weather created a scenario where Sherman met Sam. They were eager to learn from 1 another and their friendship grew. Colorado road trips became a yearly adventure and motor vehicles were the camels of delivery. 

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