This is a narrative of 2 ordinary (or nearly so) American males and their boner stimulating obsession with internal combustion engines. Character #1’s name is Sam Jeffers who earned a comfortable living by becoming a professional pilot. He started his career by taking flying lessons at a small-town airport in rural Illinois. After getting a high school diploma and a beginner’s pilot license, Sam applied for admission to the University of Arizona in Phoenix for a degree in aviation. Formal educations are highly recommended for breaking into the industry. The 2 ways around this is to join the military and let them train you at the risk of losing your life in a war or a mishap. The other way is to grow up in the aviation business and get your experience by flying from the seat of your brown pants. There is a 3rd way, which is lying and forging documents, but that can lead to burnt bodies in remote crash sites, sooo.. nix that. During college, Sam bought an old, light plane called a Taylorcraft airplane, a 1947 vintage in which to increase his skill set. Mountain and adverse weather flying was paramount in giving Sam confidence in these 2 potentially dangerous flying situations. With a degree and hundreds of hours in his own rig, Sam was ready to get a paying job flying freight. With years of experience in IFR conditions, twin prop engines, and passenger deliveries, Sam upgraded to jets and hit the big time with a offering from a well-known commercial jet company. In time his wages soared as he spent hundreds of hours in mandated simulators and copiloting North American flights. Now, throw in some 25 years of adulthood that includes a starter house purchase and a young marriage that turned into a childless divorce in under a decade. Fast forward into a second marriage that produced a daughter, a bigger house, and some boy toys that included a sports car, dirt bikes, and a 4WD Wagoneer; all of high mileage. This is a brief summary of Character #1.

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