Using the Abajo Mountains to the north as a reference, Sam flew the 172 west towards the Bullfrog Marina on the east shore of the Colorado River. Landing at their small strip in the morning and tying down the plane for the night, an airport employee came out and gave the 2 aero-nuts a ride to the Marina. In an hour, they had secured a powerboat with a full tank of gas, a loaf of bread, peanut butter and jelly (PB&J), along with drinks and entered the canyon at idle speed until they were out of sight. Sam then slammed the throttle to full thrust and down that gorge they flew. Being a weekday, traffic was light and other human encounters were rare as the smooth walls and scenery was all they required. At multiple points, they would head off into dead-end canyons and hike around. Thankfully, someone anchored a wall sign saying that they had hit the confluence of the Colorado and San Juan Rivers. A quick left and up the San Juan they went at Warp 6 until the water became too shallow. Losing a prop here would be disastrous. An album load of pictures, PB&Js, washed down with a Coke and soon, it was afterburners back down the river and into the vastness of Lake Powell. As the canyon widened, another sign directed the Rental Retards south towards the USA’s largest rock arch. A romp at a reduced speed in the narrow canyon and a 1/2-mile walk (over a mile nowadays) put the boys under the Rainbow Bridge. Their pot of gold was the impressive memory of a natural arch 290′ tall with a 275′ span. It was now back in the boat and downstream for much needed petro at the Hanging Rope Marina. As dusk settled in and the PB&Js digested, the 2 fell asleep in the boat with 5,000 stars as their nightlight. Early the next morning, Sam rotated that speedboat up the Colorado River and headed back to Bullfrog. The 50-mile-plus return took 2 hours, slowing down only for passing boats. This was 1/4 of the time it took to get there. Time travel is measured in RPM’s. 

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