The Marina happily escorted the 2 gas guzzlers back to their parked plane and bid them farewell. Sam and Sherman climbed high enough to clear the terrain and decided to check out yesterday’s adventure by flying over Navajo Mountain to spot the Rainbow Bridge. Down below, and absolutely tiny in comparison to the massive mountain, it was very hard to see. The river pointed its blue finger right at it. Internal combustion engines can compress weeks of hiking into hours of throttling and will give you fantastic views that you would not believe. Off to the southeast were some interesting pinnacles that needed exploring. Closing in, it became apparent that the 2 Human Connecting Rods were approaching Monument Valley. This scenic backdrop for a lot of Western Movies was now a personal challenge to Sam. He used these rock icons as aerial pylons and did steep banks around them, as he went from 1 formation to another. The intense laughter drowned out the straining engine groans. After 5, high G turns in different directions, Sherman’s humor disappeared as his inner ear found discrepancies between it and what the eyes saw. Earlier, PB&J sandwiches were about to come up. Sam didn’t want a mess in his cockpit and knew the Navajo Nation Observers were not overly impressed with his antics. Time to get out of Dodge and get that plane back to Blanding. After landing, Sam settled up with the Fixed Base Operator while Sherman worked on pacifying his angry inner ear by taking it to a trip into the little boy’s room. Afterwards, the 2 motorheads laughed heartily, shook hands and soon parted ways. Sam left north for I-70 and the fast way home for work tomorrow in the RX7. Sherman opted to go east and do some 4 wheeling in the San Juan Mountains with the Jeep Wagoneer. Sherman had now caught his second wind and wasn’t ready to finish his Motor Head Adventure just yet. There was still some spunk left in that Wagoneer’s V8 ticker and by cracky, he was gonna coax it out. 

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