A further explanation is needed to resolve any questions that may arise from anything written about the real reason as to why the Crowley’s Ridge exists. Geologists, who look at the stories rocks tell, came up with 2 independent theories based on what they deciphered. However, a new scientific discipline has arisen recently from the internet world and now floods the airwaves of fantastic knowledge. This new regime of scientists that pull solutions out of thin air are known as Bullshitologists. They contrive theories based on what’s observed and can formulate an idea based on witchcraft, sorcery, or the black arts. The vast majority of these Bullshitologists incorporate Aliens to explain their findings. There are TV shows, radio shows and Interwebb sites that abound with these disciples who can answer all unknowns just by incorporating Aliens that bend the laws of physics, just to get a point across. They have surmised that giant worms have inhabited the earth prior to man’s reign and left ridges in the earth’s surface where they once tunneled. The Paleontologists cannot conclude this evidence because those worms did not have skeletons that would fossilize. No fossils, no worms. That is the problem with some scientific disciplines. They have no foresight or imagination. They just rely on evidence to conjecture an explanation. These scientists have never recognized Aliens as the leading reasons as to why shit is the way it is. Little do they know, they will NEVER find any Alien bodies because of their strict Prime Directive: LEAVE NO ALIEN BEHIND. They will ALWAYS remove any unfortunate team member. Bullshitologists are trained to not think outside the box, but rather to think by being trapped in the box. It produces a more colorful explanation that ends all questions about a particular subject. It won’t be long before these gifted scientists are recognized by the Nobel Foundation and are awarded cash prizes for their incredibly beautiful theories.  

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