The world hides an array of bygone machinery that relies on physical principles to complete work for the benefit of mankind. Although ancient in design, modern versions still utilize the same ideas in a new package. We’re talking about machinery, known as mills, that uses the 3 forms of matter to accomplish a goal. Whether the energy state be solid, liquid, or gas, the devices constructed make use of gravity and kinetic energy to move mediums past mechanical arms and wheels. This simple process gets shit done. Mills were designed to capture travel and transform it into processes that kept humans healthy and happy. Food, flood control, electrical generation, and ore processing were the end goals. Windmills would take gases (the atmosphere) and grind grains, run pumps for irrigation and, later on, generate electricity to supply humans with a more transportable type of energy. Watermills used liquids to drive power shafts that ground grains, sawed lumber, and also, generated electricity so one could cut lumber anywhere. The 3rd style is the hammermill or ball mill that utilized falling, heavy solids onto ore-bearing rocks in a drum. This crushed the ore into fine dusts so that desirable elements could be extracted chemically from the slurry. This paved the way for human population explosions due to the fact that gold and silver will spread a woman’s legs apart faster than any box of chocolates. These 3 styles of mills have greatly increased the leisure time and well-being of humans everywhere because, in an automatic mode, these mechanisms produced all the work. This freed the masses to pursue education and the arts and left some humans to invent even more labor saving and entertaining contraptions for Homo Sapien contentment. Microwaves and televisions operate on mill generated electricity and created movies that satisfy people. Who doesn’t like a film that ends with the bad guy being crushed to death in some type of mill, as a form of revenge payback?

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