The crew of the GUPPY were given a brief tour of an executive ranch that put many guest bedrooms in the exposed basement. This recently completed castle sat high on a hill that overlooked the bluff laden Mississippi River near the confluence of the Chippewa River. The glacier debris that was conveyored downstream formed a natural submerged dam that created the Lake Pepin portion of the Mississippi. The entire area was a recreational enthusiast’s paradise that was loaded with scenery. Gary and Deb had retired from the paper industry and were designed for hospitality to people of all walks of life. Bill and Joe were shown to their rooms where they took showers and headed upstairs for a fantastic dinner. After that, the stories came out displaying arteries, veins, and capillaries of fate that put these 4 people in 1 room at this point in time. Random decisions in life creates a creature of uniqueness in one’s brain that continues to evolve until death ends that mutating movie. The Minnesota couple relayed their adventures in attempting to be in all the major National Parks in America. They had amassed 96% of them, an impressive feat. Joe won honorable mention as he scrolled through 1,000’s of pictures in his iPhone and came upon a photo nearly a year old. Joe was enroute from Denver to the EAA Meet in Oshkosh in his own plane. The scenery below triggered a Kodak Moment, and he clicked that camera. In the aerial photo was Gary and Deb’s house. A glimpse into the next set in the movie called NOW. The next morning was another fine meal served up by Chef Gary as the GUPPY crew gathered their goods and boarded their fiberglass flotilla of 1. With farewells and a full tank of gas and they departed the marina heading north into the massive Lake Pepin. Contentment filled their souls as the 2 old men set sail on a sunny day for their destination of Stillwater, Minnesota which lay on another river system farther up that brown, liquid highway of fate. 

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