Back in front of the nuclear reactor to get another dose of gamma rays, the geriatric mariners saw a metal pole with a branch welded to it. To the northeast of it, off in the distance, was the real Mississippi River channel. Old farts! A course correction and the GUPPY traversed the remainder of the Mississippi. Prescott, Wisconsin was the confluence of the turd brown Mississippi and the clear blue waters of the St. Croix River. Even though it was as wide with plenty of flow, that blue river never changed the palate of that brown chemical conveyor. The bluffs had lessened in this pretty river channel as the marinas grew in numbers with Twin City money. The GUPPY went under the new cable stayed bridge that marked the finish of the 25 mile putt up the St. Croix and the end of the yearlong river adventure. Docked at a marina in Stillwater, the pair walked to a bistro, caught a late lunch, and surfed the internet for an Uber driver willing to get the pair back to La Crosse. Success! Driver Tom showed up around 5PM and spent the next 2.5 hours carting these old coots 136 miles back to their truck and trailer on the Minnesota side. Checked in to downtown hotel, the 2 retired sailors went out to celebrate with beers and a band. Tasty on the tongue and enjoyment to the ears, the smiling men sought sleep and awoke to an all-day rain. They traversed the river back up to Stillwater on the Wisconsin side and drove over that engineering marvel to go and extract the wet GUPPY from her marina nap. With the boat secured on her cradleboard, they headed back on the Minnesota side to get Joe over to La Crosse. The beauty of traveling with a pilot is that you can drop them off at any major airport and they can dead head themselves home for free. It’s a great way to get rid of company. If only that worked for spouses. Bill started his 3-hour romp back home, but his celebratory mood took another day to make it to his back door. Mission accomplished Sir! 

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