The current life expectancy of humans on all continents is 72.6 years. People with access to a vast array of doctors, insurance companies, and pharmaceuticals in a country like America, could expect to live to 78.45. That amounts to 5.85 more years of being an aging, decrepit, dying person. The majority of these individuals are non-productive retirees that put a strain on American economies and the youth that are in the work force. When a young, vibrant couple are starting out trying to secure safe housing and educational advancements for their children, a deduction is taken from their checks to support an ancient race of soon-to-be, deadbeat cadavers. The laws that ensure this silly business practice can supply substantial incomes to those employed by the Medical-Industrial Complex. Existing by fear, similar to the Military-Industrial Complex of decades ago that consumes 1/3 of the total US spending, by constantly presenting threats to our 78.45 years on Planet Earth. The Medical-Industrial Complex took notice and created a similar profession that works on people’s fear of dying. Sheeple take notice: with or without anyone’s help, you are guaranteed to die. Extending old age only extends suffering and failing mobility. If you wish to accomplish something in your lifetime, do it when you’re young. Waiting in doctor’s rooms, drug stores, or sending money to insurance companies have no more effect than aimlessly walking around in shopping mall halls. You WILL die. Young people need to get off their asses and explore the world. As you travel, you will pass old, cold war installations long removed that were replaced with newer more deadly sites. Do not get sucked into the lie that doctors can save you. They die too. Eliminate Social Security and the false hopes of living to a ripe, (smelly?) old age. Please reward the elderly by giving them 1 hell of a party at 72.6 years and then assist them through a compassionate, painless bug zapper. 

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