The history of hospitals started in antiquity but after the 4th century, it gathered steam in Roman, Greek, and Indian cultures. Primarily, these facilities were created and run by religions to gain membership, but any warring nation built crude hospitals to get their warriors back on the battlefield. As societies grew, so did the responsibilities of taking care of their sick and dying citizens through government institutions. Somewhere in the later part of the 20th century, American governments and religions sought to jettison these financial liabilities and turn it over to private corporations who could squeeze gold from these old clinics. Working in conjunction with other government-entrenched corporations called, “Insurance Companies,” they enacted more laws and incorporated new medical procedures. The rocket of escalating costs was launched. Instead of huge, centrally located institutions, the gas station/convenience store model was adapted to curb costs and located these in the more affluent areas of urban development. Poor people need not enter as they are placed beyond bus and rail routes. Medical staff was now selected by adherence to the rules of profit first. Finding and fixing medical problems now came in dead(?) last. With Baby Boomers lining up in the parking lots full of geriatric ailments, the Pharmaceutical Industry completes the Greedy 3 gang. The Medical Industrial Complex now markets hope. When old age lays its suffocating paws on people, they run to that industry to give them youth. That ain’t gonna happen. If management would only tell the truth instead of transplanting false hope by doing procedures that they know will never work. But they are trained to not bite the hand that feeds them. Hospital hallways house slick shamans that stick it to the sick so they can transport their pampered ass to their lake home atriums, displaying portraits of ex-spouses and dead, stuffed, endangered species on their wall. 

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