A steady stream of gamblers started to stream into the Boscobel bar as the meat drawing time closed in. With Kim and Guy next to the self-proclaimed mayor, and Chad and Bill reminiscing their trip that day, somehow the 6′ rule and face masks were left at the door. People from 4 states crowded into that establishment until it was wall-to-wall viral receptors. The pool table was stacked 2′ high with frozen seafood and mammal meat in all forms and cuts. The drawings started around 6:30PM in a well-organized fashion using numbered and colored paint sticks as indicators of the winners when the numbers were drawn. Kim and Guy dropped over $70 on the 25-meat package prizes. Chad dumped $40 and known loser Bill only plopped down $15 because he never won any kind of lottery, drawing or raffle. Fate did not disappoint him or his friends; no one attached to Bill won, not even 1 hot dog or fish stick. However, the mayor won twice, the bartender’s daughter won 4 times, and all the locals were loading up their trucks with hundreds of pounds of meat. Like all carney games, raffles are rigged, and somehow the spinning wheel and paint stick runners only drew the winning numbers for the “in crowd.” Someone let a couple from Iowa win, but you can bet they were connected. Gambling sucks and suckers gamble. After that 2-hour fiasco, it was over to the town’s only bowling alley/restaurant incorporating black tie and bowling shoe dining. The food was remarkably delicious, and it was time to depart. Kim and Guy headed back to Madison, while Bill and Chad extracted the tired skiff and soon parted ways. With a mixture of accomplishment, some alcohol, and a 5-star bowling buffet, the wheels in Bill’s head spun. It was about a year later when the 2 sailors completed the home run from Boscobel to Prairie du Chien. A different boat spilled down the picturesque Lower Wisconsin, encountering only 4 people and no meat raffles. It was time for another protein adventure. 

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