There is a meme floating around the internet that cracks up mechanically inclined males, who view the comic strip as hilarious, due to its scientific principles and choice of animal that pulls this stunt off. The creature is a house cat that a lot of men must tolerate because it is the favorite pet of most women. No pussy, no pussy. The first frame shows a calico cat doing what cats do naturally in nature: landing on their feet in a fall. This inborn trait developed due to its stealthy style of hunting. They look for a height advantage to pounce on their prey. If they misjudge or have a surface fall out from underneath them, nature has incorporated neural paths that allow them to rapidly right themselves in midair to always land on their feet. This way, they can decelerate their bodies with 4 multi-jointed legs and walk away unharmed. The second frame shows a picture of a slice of bread that has 1 side buttered. Any human who has consumed this side knows that if the bread is dropped, the heavier buttered side will rotate and always land buttered side down. This is how nature works and requires 1 to throw the bread away because the dirty floor contaminated the buttered surface. It then requires 1 to get on their hands and knees and clean that butter up, or else someone will fall on their ass. The next frame is pure genius as some Einstein thought about strapping the buttered bread onto the cats back, buttered side up. This puts 2 natural phenomena in conflict. The cat always lands on its feet, and the buttered side always lands sticky side down. This creates a rotational force that always rights the cat while the butter fights to roll over augmenting the constant rotation. Some Nickolas Tesla type guy saw a way to produce electricity by sliding the shaft attached to a generator up the cat’s ass. The constant rotation between cat and butter generates marketable electricity, and men can now grow fond of the furry felines that generates steady beer money. 

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