The Western Human Civilization has a cheap and readily accessible food supply that is loaded with carbohydrates, fat, and sugars. They hang off people’s skeletons like heavy ornaments on a Christmas tree. The number of Americans that are approaching 1,000 lbs. in weight grow by the ton every year. More humans are being born and live longer while obesity far exceeds the weight reduction of humans dying. This is a disaster in the works. The additional loading is pushing down on the North American Plate and creating more friction, hence, more heat; thus, tricking scientists into thinking the problem is caused by atmospheric CO2. This has definitely risen due to many more mammals roaming on this planet. The infrastructure of America will also start failing by overloading bridges and highways with fat passengers and heavy electric cars that are being built to try and stop global warming. It is promoted by slick humans positioned to make big money under the ruse of bringing down CO2 emissions. The highways will crack, and bridges will fall as cars loaded with biped whales (humans) drive the roads enroute to super-sized meals located everywhere. Emergency measures have been enacted to lessen the population via wars, viruses, and carcinogenic foods. Some shysters have passed themselves off as dieticians and roam the internet with pay-per-meal deals that guarantee weight loss to lighten the load on Planet Earth. Selling these meals delivered to the customer’s doors at extravagant prices is the tactic taken. Proven results come from many satisfied consumers that attest to 20, 40, and even 100-pound weight reductions that can be verified by clinicians. Most diets are premeasured, prepackaged, food parcels that are instructed to be eaten every 2-4 hours and raise the question: “How can people lose weight when they are constantly eating food all day long?” The answer is simple: Inside of their packaged foods are fertilized eggs from genetically grown, hungry, tape worms. 

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