When Mr. Carsen pulled away from the Nazi checkpoint, he wondered what the hell that illegal activity was all about. Sometimes, the US Constitution allows freedom to travel within the country unless you are somehow violating any state or federal laws. This only holds true when law enforcement determines it to be so, otherwise, they can generate lame excuses to accost you if you appear to be suspicious. Real life in a real world. As George drove away from the Friday afternoon roadblock that targeted only him, he drove on. He managed to get around 4 miles east when another roadblock materialized in front of him. This one was 1 hell of a celebration as there were now 10 squad cars and a half a dozen black police officers standing in the middle of the highway. The group was a 50/50 mix of troopers that were as big as houses and 5’9″ or smaller officers who were dancing a celebration dance in the middle of the highway. WTF? George thought, as he inched towards the roadblock as everyone ahead of him was flagged through. As he approached another linebacker, dressed as a trooper, he was given a hand signal to stop and roll down his window. George willingly obeyed as the situation was NOT in his favor. “LY-SENZ!” was the command barked by the big guy as he pulled over. “What’s this all about?” He asked politely as he was now given a stern reply of “LY-SENZ!” George was a bit perturbed and responded with a, “hey, your buddy back there just checked me out 10 minutes ago,” “LY-SENZ!” was the instantaneous command the trooper spit out. George knew this was futile, so he retrieved his now accessible driver’s license from the console and passed it over to the storm soldier. Eyeing Mr. Carsen’s vehicle, plates, and contents, he paused and uttered a single word, “CONZIN.” George was now familiar with the lingo and responded with the response of, “yes, I am from Wisconsin. What’s up here?” After a brief time frame to see how George reacted, the license was returned. HHMM?? 

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