Pulling away from the second Gestapo Grilling, George thought about his recent freedom rape and put this reversal of fortunes in perspective. How did you like it?…DIDN’T! Continuing eastward about 3 miles past Checkpoint Charlie, George spotted 2 more squad cars approaching him at 100 mph in the left lane. “Now what the hell? he thought, but they sped by heading for the highway harassment party just down the road. George took refuge from the ordeal in his motel room that evening and talked to his friend, Chuck, about the Mississippi welcoming committee. Chuck asked if they served alcohol, but alas, they dropped the ball on that issue. The next day, enroute to Alabama, George received a call from Chuck telling him the reason for his harassment. It seems there was a prison break that day in Florence, Alabama initiated by a short, white, female, prison guard in her 50’s. Her sprung prisoner/lover was a convicted white killer, 6’9” and 330lbs. in his 30’s. It’s evident that this guard must have seen him naked in the shower and wanted his penetrator all for herself. The 2 people on the run had by sheer chance: the last name of White. George was white and, being out of state, it was quite obvious he was there to pick up the fugitives. George realized that this made perfect sense and forgave his detainers. The 2 escapees, ordeal went on for 11 days when they were suddenly spotted. Living on the lam in America with its sensational journalism and rampant social media is extremely difficult. The final outcome was when the 2 were cornered; the female, prison guard took her own life by gunshot and the big prisoner surrendered. A sad ending for a lonely woman who found a long love very briefly. George came away from this experience as an unwitting participant in this prison break but gained more knowledge of linguistics. In the southern states, where energy is conserved due to unbearable heat, words and phrases have their 1st syllables deleted in order to stay cool. GIDIT? 

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