Benny awoke to another overcast day that explained his presence in Quebec: it rains a lot; hence, the continuous supply of water towards the collection point, known as James Bay, and profitable hydro generation. Benny was now in the La Grande watershed and to his east, was a series of dams and reservoirs that would make this industry profitable. Taking up as much space as the state of New York and producing over 16,000 Megawatts (MW) that could run the entire country of Belgium, this $20 billion dollar project used an army of accountants and politicians to iron out all the collateral damage done to the environment and Indigenous people. Destroying fishing and hunting grounds, along with injecting tons of mercury into the Hudson’s Bay ecosystem through rotting vegetation, was somehow overlooked in pursuit of utilizing physics to make some money. Today, 2 more giant projects are on hold until water and electricity demand trump the native peoples’ rights. The Great Whale Project is a 3,000 MW hydro plan to capture the next northern watershed feeding James Bay and the audacious Great Recycling and Northern Development Canal. This monstrosity involves throwing up a giant dam (over 100 miles long) across the connection point of James Bay and Hudson Bay thereby turning James Bay into a giant freshwater reservoir. Utilizing the electric power available, the waters would be pumped up to the Great Lakes and sold to thirsty Western populations in North America. Evidently, Canadian Marijuana contains some potent hallucinogenic properties. Anyway, Benny headed east to see some of these massive dams for himself and get a 3D and real time view for himself. His first stop was the La Grande 2 that was later named after a politician who was instrumental in doing absolutely nothing to physically construct it, so he gets no mention. Down the road was La Grande 2A, and after that, number 3 and 4 completed that run. Beyond those installations were 6 more dams. GOD-DAMN IT! 

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