Mr. Lars hit his halfway point and spun back to his hotel. It would have taken another day to make the last dam, known as Brisay, and the end of the road at the Cree village at Caniapiscau. Benny will leave that to another inquisitive lad who now romps in diapers. Back at Radisson, Benny started the day at the main transformer complex that takes some of the power generated and shoved it into a big building with 3 large leads going in. On the other side of the structure, only 2 leads exited and were hung from lighter transmission poles heading off to Boston in 1 shot. The voltage was 450,000 DC and utilized a tank bodied vehicle with a 40′ fiberglass boom containing mechanical fingers to disconnect the 2 lines in case of an emergency. Benny would have loved to have seen the massive light show when that occurred. Heading over to La Grande 1, which was moved 50 kilometers east of Chisasibi, Quebec just to settle the river currents and quite the hum of this massive run of the river dam. Benny continued to the cloud-covered James Bay where he encountered a rock and sand beach that had a 20′ ceiling of stratus clouds just above him. When he bent over to touch the mid-summer waters, he accomplished 2 things. Benny found that the 51°F water is no place to go swimming in a penis length contest, as all the blood is withdrawn from the extremities and goes to the core for survival. He also achieved his goal of being in all 10 of the Canadian Provinces and all 3 of its territories. It seems the Canadian government supplied Nunavut with all the surface area of Hudson and James Bays. By extending his arm into James Bay, he was officially in Nunavut and just to make it iron clad, he let the wave break over his shoes. So there. Benny scrambled back into his green road warrior and slowly made his way back to the civilizations in the south via the highway that launched him into 3 days of human engineering and Nature’s magnificent displays that easily trumps man. 

To be continued… 

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