A 70ish elder took Ben aboard his longboat powered by an outboard and sporting low gunwales headed out to James Bay. The price discrepancy arose from a misunderstanding that it was $75/ person with a 2-person minimum. No matter. Ben always knew he was more content traveling alone, so he bought his “silent partner’s” seat. Miles down the river, they watched as the riverbanks widened and the horizon filled with white caps and no land in sight. The temperature dropped slightly, and the waves came close to the canoe’s rim. Common sense, that comes with age, dictated that these 2 old farts spin that craft around and head for the much warmer 62° river water. Stupidity is granted much forgiveness, but eventually, it’ll kill you. Returning back to the banks of Moosonee, Benny elected to get dropped off on an island known as Moose Factory. Walking this old historic relic of the bygone fur trading days, it was now about catering to tourists. The island is home to 2400 residents, 2 hotels, 1 hospital, and 1 KFC to insure a supply of patients for the medical institution. Benny walked half the island, and over time, hunger drove him to the hotel by the boat launch that sends you back to the mainland. The kitchen was closed so he decided to get a ride back and have a bite to eat in his room where a few groceries remained. Hours passed and finally he caught a fare back to Moosonee. Hungry and tired, he walked to his room and reflected back to his full day’s escapades. A ton of experiences took place since his 6AM train ride and his late evening’s retirement to his Cree studio. It compresses a week of extra curriculum into a day while meeting some interesting people from all sprints of existence. This is why people travel. Ben was going to depart the next day around 5PM and decided to get up early and walk Moosonee. His plan to get breakfast was dashed as restaurants were a Caucasian thing. Ben ended up walking miles to the outlying Airport and go eat there. HA!

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