Benny’s old body required frequent rests as 1 mile was now as taxing as 5. When he finally arrived, his dream of a 5-star airport restaurant exploded. They didn’t even have a cafeteria, just 2 vending machines in a closet. He had to ask the only 3 employees in the whole complex for change. These machines were so old they didn’t even accept Canadian paper currency. It seems pilots are cheap and just eat airline food as they fly their hides across incredible scenery without any thought of their exclusionary access. They are only interested in banging the flight attendants on board. Two cans of Coke and 2 bags of Fritos rounded out the now brunch extravaganza. Watching 1 flight land and another take off, took another 2 hours as the energy derived from the corn syrup and flavored animal fat stockpiled. Ben was going to meet Henry at the train station at 4PM for Ben’s trip back. Henry was in charge of Ben’s suitcase delivery. He showed up at 4:50. A just-in-time white-man-scam. Ben gave his tip in melted ice cream that he bought at 3:50 at the supermarket, just to educate him in another Caucasian tactic: paybacks. The ride back took another 5 hours as it was serenaded by 2 more screaming infants with hard lungs and vocal cord accompaniment. As the POLAR EXPRESS pulled into the station, the little opera singers shut up. Retiring to his motel room, Ben looked back at his final visit to Hudson Bay and its Basement from both sides of the catch basin and he was glad for the trip as he slowly succumbed to nature’s mobility deceleration plan. Such is life and its short duration into a world filled with mysteries and fantastic structures created by man to harvest energy. Farther north is another big project by Manitoba Hydro that diverts many waters into the Nelson River. That visit vanished with the invention of Covid. The trip will be reserved for another explorer as old Ben will soon head off to the human junk yard, right after just one more trip. 

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