The instruction manual of human civilization dictates that absolute loyalty be exercised in 3 situations: loyalty to your country, loyalty to your employer, and loyalty to your spouse. The 2nd category of employment is taken with the least amount of diligence. One soon realizes that your employment hinges on making some ambitious individual or group of greed mongers (CEO’s) rich. As long as profits fill the corporation’s vaults, your position in the company is safe. Any economic burp and their loyalty to you is terminated with the issuance of a pink layoff slip. It seems loyalty here is 1 sided. The 3rd condition, known as marriage, is probably the most violated as the promise of sex can weaken even the most stoic of individuals. Ignoring their vows, their fleeing youth and good looks pulls the reins in on loyalty commitment. The temptations are everywhere, and divorces end the former zeal between the bored contestants in this archaic institution. The 1st loyalty to one’s country can be the most costly as patriotism is held high in the eyes of a government. Whenever any kind of conflict arises and is deemed unforgivable, war is declared, and now, 1 finds them self either at home or abroad. Facing strangers who have been pitted against them by their governments, the machinery of human butchery is engaged. Over time, wars tally its patriotic victims from a few to millions, while the wars slowly get resolved. Eventually, etched granite walls and sculptures record the dead. In all 3 forms of loyalty, Death ends the contract, and you are free to go. Death is THE employer of everything, and you are its employee. As you whittle away the clock with your dream chasing and maternity ward pacing, Death tallies your timecard and pays you with a few good memories and a mountain of minutiae. At the end of your employment known as retirement, Death escorts you to the door, and you fall headlong into the graveyard of your instilled beliefs and your irrefutable loyalty.

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