Mammals are 1 of the most frequently studied species of Animalia in the multiple Kingdoms of Life. With over 5400 species of Mammalian critters transporting themselves over solid land, liquid seas, or gaseous atmospheres, Homo Sapiens rise to the top of funded studies. Perhaps, it is because the group doing the studies are humans themselves. Pride overrides Prudence. Anatomy encompasses many inter-related structures, and the component responsible for this procreation success is known as a clitoris. Nearly 90% of it lies hidden within crotch of the female body. When completely removed from a cadaver, its true shape is revealed. It resembles a decapitated, legless vulture with rolled up wings and 2 bulbous torsos that hang down and caress the urethra and vaginal tubes. Only the tip of the vulture’s severed neck extends outside the body at the top of vulva opening. This mini penis like structure is loaded with nerve endings that floods the brain with emotional-based commands. Like a male penis, it has a hood that retracts like a convertible top, exposing more nerve endings that can override normal human behavior just like a gas pedal on a car. The round wings (crura) are just under the inner labia and aid in retracting the garage doors to let the car (penis) enter and exit the structure. The 2 vestibular bulbs that surround the urethra and entry port of the vaginal opening have expandable, blood-filled tissues that grow like a penis shaft. They swell and hug the car (penis) to provide friction thereby activating the Bartholin’s glans to release an alkaline lubricant and keep the garage walls from chafing. The Skene’s glands shoot out a prostatic like fluid if stimulated correctly and are the essence of a female orgasm. This headless vulture is the real creature responsible for both the emotional feelings of love and the miraculous gift of procreation. This organ needs to be revered and appreciated just like a headless version of the Great American Bald Eagle. 

3D printer facsimile of an actual clitoris structure

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