Through the magic of evolution, the rarely studied, female stimulation organ has managed to remotely resemble an Indian vulture, known as: Gyps Indicus. A few modifications need to occur such as feather, leg, and head removal, but 1 can see a similarity after the vulture’s wings are rolled up into a cylinder, its severed neck cauterized, and its torso is split in 2 bulbous bodies. Is this reaching? Maybe, a little. It’s ironic that this creature, that scavenges its food from dead animals strewn about, would stand at the entrance to the baby birthing port. With around 10% of the structure visible at the top of the vulva as a mini penis-like nub, wearing a foreskin style hoody, the resemblance starts to show if any kind of imagination is exercised. With its commanding view, the patient creature awaits pleasure. If all the physical and emotional stimuli converge, the vulture starts its electrochemical signals to various parts of the fetus factory. The Bartholin’s glands are activated to secrete an alkaline fluid into the vaginal canal for lubrication and chemical neutrality. The clitoris also influences the Skene’s glands to ejaculate a prostatic like fluid around the urethra. This may be the secret to successful fertilization as the orgasmic muscle spasms may kick an egg from the ovaries out into the fallopian tubes for fertilization and conception. Who knew that the creature that became famous for its association with death (the vulture) may be instrumental in creating new human life through vibrational assist? This would explain why hundreds of eggs that are released over the nearly 35 years of ovulation, only a few are fertilized. Even nature knows that apex predators need to breed at a much slower rate, or they will upset the balance. So, what better way than to occasionally vibrate an egg out at a secret frequency that changes daily, just like the vulture’s mood. The mystical clit is here to prevent too many humans from infesting our precious planet. 

A committee of Indian Vultures preparing to go “shopping”. 

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