As the irresistible force met the immovable object, physical changes were rapidly occurring in the contact zone. The impact crater was blowing out much debris ahead of the impactor’s direction. The craters’ walls were being carved upward, dictated by the material at the collision site of both the missile and target. The rebound core has melted and flows both up and into the direction of the trajectory. It starts to solidify above its original elevation while a deep depression is created around this “island.” These enormous forces are then directed into the earth’s crust as microseconds turn to milliseconds, and then to seconds. The lithosphere is vibrated as the shock waves pass through it. It dissipates all this energy into the planet’s surface, thus, creating stresses that brittle rocks cannot absorb. They crack, raise, and fissure according to the laws of physics. In this instance, a section of now north central Wisconsin is uplifted, moving the minerals underneath into new locations closer to the surface. The shock wave continues northwest until the rocks yield below and start a Rift Arc that awakens molten lava. Its fracture zone runs through the present-day Lake Superior and follows the curve of the lake underground, all the way down to Oklahoma. Tectonic forces redesign the terrain with basalt and large canyons and basins hidden beneath the 2nd largest freshwater lake in surface area on the planet. The Caspian Sea, the largest at roughly 147,000 square miles, has 1/3 the salinity of the ocean, so it is debatable as to its “freshwater lake” status. The 45,000-square-mile Michigan/Huron Lake is roughly 13,000 square miles larger than Lake Superior in surface area. Small mountain ranges completely encircle Lake Superior showing a “commotion” of forces in its development, along with many lava outcroppings that appear in collisions such as plate tectonics, only on a quicker scale. Various mineral mining all around Lake Superior still takes place today. 

The upthrust of north central Wisconsin brought on by seismic waves traveling underneath the terrain. Many mined and unmined minerals and metals lie near the surface. 
A relief map showing the upthrust of north central Wisconsin as it continues into the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. This area was a gold mine of iron and copper near the surface. Nickel is now being mined from deep underground near Marquette. Lower Michigan shows the rebound cone of the impactor collision in yellow. Much erosion has taken place by glacier action around Saginaw Bay as the glacier on top of the rise moved down into the crater that is now Lake Huron. 

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