The Pudge Planet III


The invention of the universe follows standard engineering protocol. Whenever you design something, you also design a flaw into it. You just don’t know it right away, but it will show up later. An example of that was the 1971 Ford Pinto that was rushed into production to compete with cheaper foreign imports. The rear of the car did not have enough reinforcement in its design to protect the fuel tank from being crushed and splitting open in a rear end collision. An $11 fix would have prevented that. Over its production period, 27 people burned to death and many others were permanently scarred. The same thing arose in the construction of the massive universe when using all the various elements that compose it. Different combinations of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur create a unique product called life that is a prominent failure factor of the universe. Throwing life onto a stable orbit planet around a sun is the monkey wrench that mucks up the machinery. Introducing these nearly infinite configuration creatures that can take in sunlight and create mass over long periods of time will increase the gravitational forces in the space time fabric. Initially we see decaying orbits that heat up the planet (the Carboniferous Period), and then burn off the life, sending it to a more distant, colder orbit, (there have been 5 major Ice Ages). Humans with their environmental suicide schemes will in time, send their planet crashing into its sun and upset the balance of the entire solar system. We can observe this at a distance in a rare phenomenon known as a supernova. This is in fact, an intelligent life planet that falls in on its sun and explosively sends its remnants out in all directions as new material. This semen of a future solar system contains the genetic code for life to propagate again and repeat the deadly scenario. All human beings with their greedy, ignorant penchant for destructive behavior should be known as Pinto Beings.

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