The drive when alive is to show to the world that you are indeed unique and successful. Step 1: is to find your niche in warehouse of humanity and excel in that field so that large quantities of paper currency displaying dead hypocrites fill your pockets. Your selection of careers is nearly endless and is constantly morphing new vocations to keep up with the times. Constant attention to your field of expertise is required to network your name to as many people who hire you for your talents, thus bringing in more revenue. As the business expands, step 2 materializes. One either puts in more hours to keep up and/or hires more help to handle the additional workload. The second choice requires more expenditures, so thought must be given to exposing yourself to additional human resources. With luck, a good blend of employees will increase the numbers that are written in black ink (profits). This is the whole goal of your earthly existence. You must display your wealth (hence success) in order to be appreciated. A great way to show off your savvy to strangers is to cart your ass around in some overpriced sportscar capable of hurling your magnificent self past an ordinary minion at breakneck speeds. Another is to construct a home in an affluent neighborhood so poor people can cruise through in their 1974 Pintos and attain a jealous high gawking at your material accomplishments. A really big boat and designer clothes hanging from your Adonis frame are other techniques to instill a portrait of your success. The best personal satisfaction comes when inviting over other important people to one of your castles to show off your latest acquisition. A Jackson Pollock abstract expressionism painting that is hanging on the wall like a Berlinger earing on a queen’s royal ear. The guests will gasp. You have attained the pinnacle of prestige. Only the art dealer who sold you a painter’s tarp from a house painter suffering from Parkinson’s disease will know the truth.

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