Buried in a boney ovaloid that lies immediately behind the eyes, is the central processing unit that makes all decisions for the rest of the body. The brain constantly churns out millions of involuntary resolutions and thousands of conscious conclusions per day. This information is loaded on to tiny little railroad cars that deliver it to various train stops located throughout the body. These trains are hypersonic and that is good, because if your hand is on a hot stove top and it asks the brain what to do, the train goes like hell in both directions to keep your burns in the 1st degree rather than be degraded to 3rd degree. These trains are marvelous little machines that are powered by electrical energy just like real trains. Chemicals provides the driving force in both trains, but the big difference between the two is that our little trains don’t use diesel fuel to power them. Again, that is good, because we’d all stink like diesel fumes and would need scrubbers in order to meet EPA standards. In most humans throughout their lives, the trains are right on time and run highly efficient routes just like Amazon delivery vans, except without the rap music. All is good until later in life, due to poor maintenance and a lax security system, the train’s information packets are sometimes stolen. One day, the train is sent out of the central office (brain) with a package that says, “go to the bedroom and get the keys.” When the individual experiences his first train heist, he will reach the bedroom and say, “what the hell did I come here for?” The body then freezes and soon recovers the dropped package and say, “oh yah, the keys.” These train robbers get bolder in time and with age, the watchful sheriff retires, thus giving the THOUGHT THIEVES carte blanche to rob you of whenever they feel like. One day, you will be in public completely naked. Buried somewhere in a hidden cave are stolen packages that say: GET KEYS, GET WALLET, PUT TEETH IN and GET DRESSED. 

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