Rick Swank enjoyed a comfortable life, living with his wife, Bones, and 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks named Chester and Molester. Being a Laborer in the Construction Union and childless, Rick and his wife managed to squirrel away a midsized 6 figure savings over his 55 years of toiling. It included 40 years of being paid wages and 15 years of education growing up in a Detroit ghetto that portrayed piss poor. Now living in mid-state Florida, where the heating costs are minimal, the Swanks were eyeing up retirement and were looking for some financial outfit to invest their savings and double it rapidly. Going online and hitting a few sites, unleashed a cascade of investment companies that came out of the resister works known as a computer. Once Rick hit that mid 6-figure savings button to invest, the sharks surfaced. Armed with colorful graphs, projected wealth curves and divine promises, the leeches started their slow crawl to the Swanks. The pictures of a staff in 3-piece suits, business dresses and designer shoes just oozed wealth in their photos. Corporate headquarters with a parking lot full of Beemers and flowers exploding in colors that tax ink companies, was too much for Rick and Bones. They went with 2DAMOON Investments Inc. After an initial consultation with a pair of 25-year-old expert investors, all their money started filing into a library of investment accounts. There were International Funds, Growth Funds, Tax- Deferred Funds, Tax-free Funds and Funds that invested in taxes. They all carried a tiny service fee, but the generated growth curve headed 2DAMOON. After a year of printouts that showed the Swanks were going to be multimillionaires in a decade, just in time for retirement, something happened. The people living in the Hamptons decided to clear the board. Like a Roulette Table, all the chips slid over to the House. With no investment company phone call to say, “GET OUT,” the Swanks will have to stay working into their mid-seventies.

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