After 4 1/2 decades of the 2 biggest bullies of the world trying to annihilate each other and the rest of the planet with it, the US and the USSR have backed off in the mid 90’s. Now with China vying to becoming a world power, but only possessing about 260 nuclear weapons, their technique for dominance is more stealth orientated. Working with a 1960’s viral strand known as the Corona Virus, the mutated form was unleashed onto the planet in 2019. At first showing up in China and spreading worldwide, its intention was to decimate the US population and its economy, thus making it more susceptible to a combined attack by China and Russia. With the first outbreak in China to throw people off and let them believe that this is just another Corona virus similar to the 2002 SARS strain, it was in reality, a ploy. Some speculate that the real deadly version was unleashed on the American public via bubble wrap as the first death occurred near Seattle a major shipping port for Chinese goods. Conspiracy Theorists suspect the protective bubble wrap used to cushion many products that come from China to have contaminated air within those chambers. This is swine wash. The real source of the deadly Corona Virus is in all the sub-assemblies that are needed for automobiles. The foreign cars are from Asian companies and the vast majority of the components are manufactured in China, but the final assembly takes place in America. It is here where tainted seats and steering wheels have a protective coating and when worn away release the deadly virus into unsuspecting American automotive assembly line workers and stateside Toyota, Nissan, Honda, GM, Dodge and Ford owners. Once released into the cab of a new vehicle, the CARONA VIRUS seeks human cells to duplicate itself at the expense of the host. With a country full of sick and dying victims, the Chinese and Russian Hordes will quickly overtake the crippled American country on sterilized bicycles sprayed down with real Lysol. 

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