The human world of reality that searches for the creation and existence of the universe and the ultimate unification theory may lie not in mathematics, but merely in the craniums of mankind. Hundreds of TED TALKS and endless hours of our most brilliant scientists, physicists, cosmologists and philosophers give their views on YouTube videos that are incredibly amazing and intuitive. These geniuses who have to use simple analogies to explain to the lay man what they theorize  and what the mathematics describes about the world we live in, have an incredible amount of time invested as to what they see as the ultimate answer. Some have invented a total of 10 dimensions, some explain it with Dark Matter and Dark Energy and some propose that our universe is being manipulated by an unseen parallel universe just on the other side of the countless Black Holes scattered throughout our fascinating universe. Some Academics may have spent a fortune on higher education but usually the brightest and best are subsidized by the government or institutions that wish to have these gifted individuals on board. Colleges and universities are businesses, and as such, wish to make a profit from the talents of Academia or Athletics. The top 100 schools of higher education in the U.S. exceed $1 billion or more of financial endowments. That is big, big money and as such they need to show a cutting-edge development in the world’s leading question; WHY ARE WE HERE. As time goes on, the complexities of our universe go up exponentially. Only a hundred years ago, the universe consisted of the Milky Way Galaxy. Now we’ve grown to an excess of 100 billion with around 100 billion stars in each. One human brain consists of 100 trillion connections and that will generate a lot of theories in a gifted individual. Are they right? They’re extremely well thought out and the results they speculate tend to gather a group of loyal supporters that will say, OH, HELL YES, THAT’S IT! 

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  1. I am just happy to unroll a blanket at a very dark and quiet place and look at the stars. Don’t want to muddle my pea brain with the how and why of it, just revel in the beauty of it.

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