The radio waves emanating from the blue globe that entertains the humanoids contains a sad song for the LOKANEES. They sing of war, suffering and empty accomplishments. The central galactical inhabitants expected more from this species that they rescued 12,000 years ago but must now face the fact that their efforts were for naught. Now confronted with a global warming situation that needs immediate intervention, the species lacks the incentive to stop an atmospheric malady which again threatens the planet. Although efforts have been underway for decades to stop dispersing carbon dioxide via fossil fuels, the economics of the situation prevents full enforcement. This species has a strange concept of value known as MONEY. If people have a lot of MONEY invested in a technology that employs a multitude of citizens and the service provided is destructive to the environment or individuals,  they’ll keep on making it until the pile of dead life is hundreds of feet high and judicial intervention is required. Examples of this are: asbestos, DDT, fruitless pharmaceuticals, faulty implants and tainted tampons. If the industry is heavily invested in the “good ole boys club”, and people are still dying, the authorities tend to look the other way. Examples are alcohol, bullets, cigarettes, massive fossil fuel burning, street drugs, Roundup and Weapons of Mass Destruction. In societies that spend huge money in weapons development through government taxation and lesser amounts through donations for disease eradication, one wonders why bother putting any effort into saving this species. The LOKANEES were saddened by their decision not to intervene, similar to the parents of a drug dependent child that exhausted their savings to get them help only to have them die of a drug overdose down the road. You come to the decision that they’re just not worth the trouble and trying to save them is insanely futile. Set the Earth to 350°F. and cook until golden brown. 

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